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Hello everyone,

It’s hard to believe we are in June already.  Time is passing by so quickly it seems.  Some of the highlights that have taken place in Freedom in Yeshua this year so far are listed below.  To mention all of them would take too long.  I am grateful for all God is doing to make His presence known in our ministry!

Dereck’s Miracle

Some of you might not know about how the Lord saved my son Dereck’s life on April 9, 2019, so thought I’d share it with you. 

Dereck fell off a six-foot ladder while at one of his job sites.  He had a concussion, with blood on the brain.  He also had broken ribs.  The injuries were so bad that the doctors told his wife they had no idea when Dereck would be able to function normally again?  They mentioned it might take up to a year for him to just do basic things. They also said it was a miracle Dereck was alive!  Right after Dereck’s fall he was unconscious for five minutes.  An employee of  Dereck, who found him, was experienced with witnessing people die.  This came about from a job he had with the fire department in the past (paramedic); he felt Dereck was taking his last breath. As Dereck became conscious he roared like a Lion, I was told.  Immediately, upon hearing this, I felt that the Lord was roaring through him, and it was a reassurance of the Lion of Judah (God within my son bringing him back to life).  It shocked the employee next to Dereck who was trying to help.  This man had never heard anyone roar this way before / with the hundreds of cases he had in the past at the fire department of looking death in the face! 

For the first days in the ICU intercession went forth throughout the Ozaukee community and all over the world.  People prayed in other countries as well as church Prayer Groups in other states for the healing of Dereck.   I was with Dereck daily in the ICU, as well as his wife Holly.  Holly came in the morning, and I went in around noon.  It was on Thursday afternoon in the ICU ( three days after the fall) that I saw a change.  Because of the excruciating pain Dereck suffered from his injuries, he got little sleep.  This made everything even worse.  Doctors cannot prescribe a lot of medication for this type of injury because the brain damage could get worse through pain medication, I was told.   After laying hands on Dereck in prayer for healing, I saw Dereck sleep peacefully for several hours without crying out in pain.  The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “The healing has begun.”  The next day he was moved out of the ICU to the trauma ward floor.

Within two days he would leave that floor to come home.  The great change came after the Lord told me to bring communion on Palm Sunday morning for Dereck to take.  Dereck clearly remembers taking communion.  A day later he went home. A week later his periodic excruciating headaches left, and he went back to work for several hours a day.  He is back to work full time for weeks now.  His six doctors are calling it a miracle.  One doctor said he should be in a wheelchair, drooling from the left side of his mouth with the injuries he went through!  Only God can perform such miraculous healing, as well as protecting Dereck’s company.  He lost no business while in the recovery period, and was able to witness to his clients (while giving bids) on what God had done for him in his miracle healing.  One incident happened at a committee meeting with eleven people present.  Dereck told me the Holy Spirit just pours through him every time someone asks him how he is, and God’s testimony of healing comes forth.  So many rumors went around Ozaukee County that he was either dead, or in a full body cast from the injuries, many business contacts and friends called to see how he was doing.  Great witness opportunities came about through it.

 Dereck and his daughter Ella going to the Annual Father / Daughter Dance at school.  This took place three weeks after his devastating fall. 


Because there are so many people suffering from brain injuries (TBIs) a year, I am writing a book about the miracle God performed for Dereck.  Approximately 50,000 deaths, and over 80,000 people suffer permanent disabilities.  Annually, about 2.5 million people sustain a traumatic brain injury, which leads to disabilities, and death.  The Lord told me the minute I heard about Dereck’s accident that He (Yahweh) would receive the glory from Dereck’s testimony of healing. This book, I’m writing, will be one of those avenues.  For the Lord said to me, “Dereck will live and not die!  And he shall bring me glory!”  The book title is called, Only God / A Trial of Faith through Brain Trauma.  Please pray as God leads.  God wants to bring His HOPE in for people no matter what condition they are in with this type of injury.   The Lord has assured me that salvation will take place through writing it.  I am hoping to give it to those who need it for free.

I was to learn that there are few support groups, and no testimonies about God healing this type of injury while doing research on this topic.  One mother was encouraged when her son walked after a year of having continual physical therapy.  The world recommends going to doctors and phycologists.  God has more in store for the people suffering this injury.

Police Department Paintings

Finally finished with a project that I thought would go quickly.  I had canvas prints made of an original painting I did, and had to repaint all of them.  In between I got busy with other ministry work.  But, the timing seemed to be right as far as the police departments.  They were so grateful to everyone who contributed to this project!  They badly need to know how much we appreciate them.

I have so much more to share, but will save it for the next letter in the fall. Please remember to pray for Freedom in Yeshua Ministries.  God is doing many more things behind the scenes with His power in encouraging, healing, counseling, and blessing people. (Psalm 139)

Many blessings,

Maria Schaefer / Director FIY Ministries

Freedom in Yeshua Ministries

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  • This police officer was so appreciative for a painting given to her police station. This is one way of showing our police personal that the people they serve in their city appreciated it!

  • A city I love, for I live in it.
    The police men and women are amazing in protecting those who need their help.
    Appreciated talking to this man.

  • Another friendly police man.
    He told me (as well as the other man / woman) that he would find a good home for the painting in their police station!

The Police Department in Our Area

I understand that some people have had problems with the police.  But, we cannot judge every police officer for what a very few have done.  Our country has been very blessed to be protected by the police men / women.  If another artist is reading this, please consider thanking them by doing a painting for their station.  It will mean a lot to them.  I feel the Lord used me to do these paintings to show these men / women our appreciation for their service.