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Healing Grace / Maria Schaefer

 Two passions have taken place in my life since I received Jesus Christ in 1972.  The first one was to fully understand what it meant to have a relationship with Jesus. Insight into this knowledge meant knowing and recognizing God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.   God demonstrates to His people who He is.  God is known in heaven and earth as the great Trinity, yet One God.

      This journey to know Jesus began with healing.  My own, and then this led to other people being healed as well. I started to learn the importance of the healing of spirit, soul, and body through scriptural enlightenment; knowing the sacrifice of Jesus’s life for our life. (Galatians 2:20)

      My experiences are shared in three published books.  My first book is titled Healing Grace. My second book is Heaven Waits / Hearing the Voice of God.  And my last book (which will be a series) is called Entering the Territory of Heaven. They are just a few examples of how Jesus works in each person when we allow Him to.  Each person has a story, and I feel blessed to share mine. The purpose in writing my books is to magnify God and Him alone.  Waiting always to see the face of the GREAT I AM, God.  Desiring to know Him personally and intimately as His people did as they journeyed to the Promised Land and beyond. 




My search in getting to know Jesus has led me to create art used for healing, as well as several unexpected roads in this journey with Him.  I felt inspired to design greeting cards for people with atypical diseases when none were on the market.  I recognized the pain people went through when losing their pet, so designed greeting cards for pet lovers at the loss of their best friend, their dog or cat.   I opened an office in 2004 to do Christian prayer counseling / teaching the exchanged life; our life for Christ's life, based on Galatians 2:20; representing Christ living His life through us.   In 2009, radio broadcasts started coming into the picture during a prayer.  The purpose is to reach people with the Life-giving messages of Jesus Christ in the nations.  For captives to be set free. None of these things took place through self-effort, but by the leading of the Holy Spirit, and mercy of God.  He will use anyone who desires to know Him and His great love for them.

      My book, Healing Grace, is translated into the language of Swahili for Africa; donated to poor pastors in Africa as a teaching vehicle on healing.

      Healing Grace is also translated into Bengali for India, by Minister Tarik Kamran.  Bengali is the second most spoken language in India and, has the possibility of reaching 82.5 million people.  It’s donated to pastors who are poor as well.

       Entering the Territory Of Heaven explains visions and dreams I’ve received about our future life in the Millennium and heaven.

       From the beginning as an Intercessor to writing books, teaching millions of people on radio broadcasts, and seeing people healed, it is God alone who can use anyone who is willing for His kingdom glory.

God bless,

Maria Schaefer


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