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Exchaned Life I

Knowing who we are...Galatians 2:20

We are three separate parts, that function as one. Beginning of understanding our identity in Christ.



One of the things that have helped me the most in my life has been learning the exchange / our life for Christ’s life.  The exchange has taken time to understand, but once realized it could lead one to daily victory.  For after understanding comes, it is not as hard to give up what you believe is your right!  Your right means moving in any direction you want, instead of checking with God first.  The exchanged life means giving everything to God you hold in your hand.  You are no longer the master of your soul.  I will share some of the things I’ve learned in the coming weeks.  For those of you who love diagrams, the first blogs will be fun for you!  For the rest of you, please hang in there with me.


 As you can see by the chart, the Spirit is center.  We are Spirit, Soul, and Body.  The spirit determines our identity, not the outside tent of our body.  The spirit is what is connected to God. 

 Our Soul carries our personality, mind, (the way we think) and our emotions (the way we feel) as well as our will.  The soul is the area where the choice (chooser) is decided / what we will do.  Are we going to walk into sin, or are we going to do what God desires for us to do?   

 Body (a dwelling place) it carries our five senses, touch, and taste, hearing, and seeing, as well as the sense of smell.   Our speech and action is also part of this center.  Today, the body is considered the essential part of a human being (by the television media).  Actually (other than being able to function) the body is the least important part of a human being.  The most important part of a human being is our spirit. 

      When asking someone for advice, it is good to ask yourself, “Who is that person connected to?”   Is their opinion coming from the world system?  Their flesh patterns (this will be explained later / in another blog) or Christ and His kingdom?


Maria Schaefer


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