Knowing What is Real

Actual or Real?


The kingdom of God can be seen in two ways, Actual or Real.  Actual is what we see with our 5 senses.  Our five senses tell us what we hear, see, taste, smell, and feel.  Real is the reality of the kingdom of God / that which we cannot enter by our five senses.  I will be using these two words several times throughout this teaching.

There are two things that are taking place at all times.  One is the kingdom of God (the unseen), which is known as Real.  The second is the kingdom of the world, ruled by Satan; which is seen.  The word Actual applies to this.  We believe what we see is actually the fact, but in fact it is not.  Unless we see through the power of the Holy Spirit, we will not be able to understand the kingdom of God.  This of course applies to Christians, and will not even make sense to anyone who is not one.  To the un-regenerated mind it is foolishness.

To the unsaved, un-regenerated mind, what their five senses tell them will be all they know.  It is actually false, reality.   For there is a spiritual world we are dealing with, all around every person who lives on earth.  We are either being pulled by one, or the other; Jesus’s kingdom or our enemy, Satan.  The person who does not know Christ is living in a world with an inadequate set of lenses.  It is like seeing the world legally blind.  What is seen is only the immediate view.  The kingdom of God can only be conceived by accepting Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the spiritual doorway, (entranceway) that brings us into the Real.  What most people refer to the Real is the Actual.  You can think of it this way, what a person actually sees is considered real by them.

Please meditate on this… Today, are you living in the Actual facts fo God's Kingdom which is Real?

Prayer:  Lord, help us to see life the way you see it.  Help us to seek you in this.


Maria Schaefer / Director of FIY Ministries

To be continued…

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