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Maria Schaefer

The Children in Kenya

Alice and a few of her children. Some holding bibles we sent.
Love those smiles!


Beginning of happy faces.

Reaching the Nations

A Heart for Kenya


I have had the blesssing from Yeshua (Jesus) to be able to help start and assist in building up a ministry in Kenya for children.  The teacher the Lord has chosen for this task is Alice Nyambura.  She is a woman who loves the Lord deeply, as well as demonstrates great integrity. 

It has been a blessing to watch the changes take place in the faces of the children, as they have received the knowledge of Yeshua in their lives.  They have gone from 7 depressed looking kids, to happy, shiny faces of joy.  It is a pleasure to get pictures of them weekly from Alice!  What an awesome God we serve!

The following pictures show some of the happy faces!  If you have a heart to help these children with a permanent place to meet, "His Little Ones." Contact / as well as




The first time Alice met with the children. It breaks my heart to see how depressed they looked. But the change of what Yeshua can do to a heart that finds Him is amazing! From this first time it grew to some of the pictures you have seen. I have a file full of these Little Ones pictures.

  • Sending the children t-shirts for their new formed soccer team! Such fun!

    Alice mentioned, that this was the first time (for most) they received something new.

    You can see it by the happy expressions on their faces!

  • Two happy faces!

  • Receiving their Bibles!

  • Having fun!