Sealed by the Holy Spirit

The Signet by the Holy Spirit

I’d like to share a teaching by A. J. Gordon today.  There is much we can learn from those who walked with the Lord years ago.  Their walk was pure before the Lord and proven in faithfulness.  Let us become like them in spirit and truth.

God is very jealous of His divine signet.  He graciously bestows it upon those who are ready to devote themselves utterly and irrevocably to His service.

We hear Jesus saying to the multitudes that sought Him for the loaves and fishes, “Labor not for the meat which perisheth, but for the meat which endureth unto eternal life, who the Son of man shall give unto you, for Him hath God the Father sealed. (John 6:27).  This sealing must evidently refer back to His reception of the Spirit at the Jordan.  One of the most instructive writers on Hebrew worship and rituals tells us   that it was a custom for the priest to whom the service pertains, having selected a lamb from the flock, to inspect it with the most minute scrutiny, in order to discover if it was without physical defect, and then seal, thus certifying that it was for sacrifice and food.  Behold the Lamb of God presenting Himself for inspection at the Jordan!  Under the Father’s  omniscient scrutiny He is found to be “a lamb without blemish and without spot.”  From the opening of heaven, God gives witness to the fact in words: “This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased,”  and then He puts the Holy Ghost upon Him, the testimony of to His sonship, the seal of His separation unto sacrifice and service.

      The disciple is as His Lord in this experience “In whom having also believed ye were sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise.”  (Ephesians 1:13)  As always in the statement of Scripture, this transaction is represented as subsequent to faith.  It is not conversion, but something done upon a converted soul, a kind of crown of consecration put upon his faith.  Indeed the two events stand in marked contrast.  In conversion, the believer receives testimony of God and “sets his seal to it that God is true.  (Jon 3:33)  In consecration, God sets His seal upon the believer that he is true.  The last is God’s “Amen” to the Christian, verifying the Christian’s “Amen” to God.


      When we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, it is that we may count ourselves henceforth and altogether Christ’s.   If any shrink from this devotement, how can he have the fullness of the Spirit?  What God cannot put His signature upon what is not His.  Hence, if under the sway of a worldly spirit we withhold ourselves from God and insist on self-ownership we need not to count it strange if God withholds us the seal of divine ownership.  God is very jealous of His divine signet.  He graciously bestows it upon those who are ready to devote themselves utterly and irrevocably to His service, but He strenuously with holds  it from those who, while professing His name, are yet serving “diverse lusts and pleasures.”  In a word, the sealing is the Holy Spirit Himself, now received by faith and resting upon the Believer, with all the results in assurance, in joy, and in empowering service, which must follow his unhindered sway in the soul.

 Author  A. J. Gordon

Prayer:  Father, help us to see that unless we give you every member of our being, the Holy Spirit cannot seal us the way you intended.  Only through the power of the Holy Spirit can we serve you in all truth and might.  We give all to you so that we can be sealed through eternity by Your Spirit.

Many blessings,

Maria Schaefer

Director of  FIY Ministries  More