The Vision of Advancement       Maria Schaefer   March 6, 2019

Years ago I had a vision of something which would come about in the present time.  There is so much taking place in the spiritual realm right now, for we are in a period where everything is coming together quickly.  Salvation will take place quickly in the future as the great last Revival takes place.  And, this is the time of preparation!

My Vision

I was walking into a high rise building in New York. It seemed like a high skyscraper. There was an elevator that was going up to the top floor.  It would stop periodically on different floors.  First stopping at the lower floors, and then quickly moving on.  I knew each time I was not to get off on any of these levels.  Though I saw people in this vision get off on the second floor, the third floor, and so it went.  Each time they entered their floor (although it looked pleasant, it was revealed to me that the floor was not mine).  Soon there were none left (no numbers) on the elevator.  And I wondered how far I would be taken up?

Then the elevator stopped at the top floor.  When I get out, I saw nothing but the heavens, and a descended white cloud.  I asked the Lord where the ceiling was.

He said, “You will have no ceiling here.  This place you are standing in is meant to reach my kingdom alone.”

As the vision ended, I asked the Lord more questions? The first one was about elevators.  I wondered why the people were getting off at different levels.

He said, “The levels are important because it shows the level they are at in their walk with me.  It is also where they are comfortable.  They have picked to go no higher.”

Then, I asked, “What was it that represented the no ceiling top?” 

The Lord spoke, and said, “There is no ceiling present because I want you to walk into the heavenly realm.”

 This vision took place around 1998.  I did not walk into the heavenly realm continually until January 5, 2016.  Although, I had dreams and visions for myself, and other people before 2016; entering heaven became very real to me, and still is today.  For heaven is truly our home!

Our destiny

This is a time in the Body of Christ when we are to understand our destiny from the Kingdom of the Lord more than ever before.  The church in heaven will begin to overlap the church on earth.  By that I mean the cloud of witnesses in scripture will be more active than ever before.  There is an amazing building going on right now in Yahweh’s kingdom to see the end time miracles take place.  For it is near!

Each one of us is to know what his / her, purpose is on earth, and what assignment we were given before we left heaven; for we were chosen to come to earth, and contribute to our assignment.  The teaching, ministering Remnant is hand-picked.  Many will not take the call, although they are called; because the call is not easy, and means death to self. 

Recently I meet someone in ministry who is somewhat well known.  He mentioned the men who had anointed him (that he is connected with) who have a very brominate known name in the prophetic.  There was a lot of talk about who he had anointed, and how many children he has all over the world.  He builds his ministry with people who are leaders, and then they come under him.

Something in my spirit really disturbed me about all this.  For I thought, if he falls, they will all fall.  This is not the Lord.  The Lord wants each one He has given responsibility to listen to the Lord alone.   I did not get the impression that this man was a good listener, as he was on his cell phone so much; even as people tried to talk to him

Yeshua talked to me and said, “You do not need his anointing, you have mine. I have anointed you to do my work.”

(Before I left for the meeting, the Lord said, “You are walking into your past, not your future.” 

There were many people there I had known in the past, and, had done ministry with.  They had asked me to join them in things, but it never worked out since that day).

Coming things

The Lord said, before you were born I knew you.  We existed before being conceived on earth.  Our assignment, in coming down to earth, is whatever seed we were given by the Lord to accomplish.  They were implanted into us before we were in our mother’s womb.

If you have no idea what your destiny is, ask the Lord today.  Look up all the scriptures on what the Apostles went through, and how they received their assignments.

 And, if you are an artist, I don’t mean to just stay there.  What does Yahweh all have in mind for your art?  How does He want to use it in the world?

I had a vision of an artist teaching children several years ago.   I shared it with him, and he is teaching children today.  But, what we have to remember is God always has more!  Are there things that are out of the new creation they are to be taught? And, then teach children that very thing? Ask Yeshua to open the door.

All of these acts take total surrender.  This means giving your life to Christ with no exceptions.  (Galatians 2:20).  Nothing can be done in our own strength. 

Right now (other than watching the news for prayer, and whatever else Yahweh leads) I am spending all my time getting my ministry work done, and learning more from the Lord.  I am led to give up a lot of social media.  I got a confirmation this morning in an awesome way.  I know that wherever I will be led, it will not be a person who will open the door.

This does not mean I do not respect the prophetic words someone has.  I have gotten many through the years from people who have called themselves prophets - and none have come about in the way they mentioned; except for two prophetic words that did come about from two men.  They had great authority in the spiritual realm.  I did not personally know them. 

One was a man who walked up to me in a church I was visiting.  Another was at the home of a friend.  The man and his wife were selling wine.  He began to prophesy over me, and it was totally correct.  I had told no man what God had given me, and he confirmed it.  Neither man called himself a prophet, but was.

I am not judging anyone.  I know God at times has someone tell other people they are prophets.  This is between them and the Lord.  But, I have believed for some time that whatever gift you have received from the Holy Spirit does not have to be advertised.  If someone is to know it, the Holy Spirit will show it. 

But, as I said before, I do not judge anyone in this.  This is what the Lord has shown me.

 Recently the Lord has said, “There is too much following man going on in my Body.  Teach my people how to hear Me.  I want to speak to them.”  So this is one of the things in my mission on earth.  Doing it, the Lord has shown me more things in my destiny.


It is really crucial to know your destiny this year.  For many will not know it, and pass it up.  They will not finish their purpose on earth, so will not enter the destiny planned in heaven.  Earth is the training ground. 

The people that enter the Millennium will be only those who have finished their assignments on the world.  They might go into heaven, but not enter the last training ground for the magnificent future of the Millennium.  They will enter whatever level of heaven they are comfortable in. 

Like the elevator levels I saw, people will get off on the level their heart is prepared for.  For knowing your destiny is a heart assignment. 

But the Lord said to Samuel,  Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: (many will be refused because they have not made Christ their life) for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.

The heart of a man will lead him either into good or evil.

Blessings in our search of all things Yahweh,

Maria Schaefer / Founder of FIY Ministries