Title: Protection
Artist: Maria Maja-Schaefer

Wisdom at this time.


This time in the Body of Christ it is very important to know your assignment and position. There are so many groups on Facebook and other sites you can join, but God has something special in mind for each of His children. Wisdom is the door that needs to be opened to get more understanding. I believe the Lord is bringing together His Remnant at this time for a designed purpose in heaven. Some might not know what a Remnant is. A person who is a Remnant is set apart for God. They are radically saved. That means they will do exactly what God is asking them to do. They are being trained up for the last great Harvest coming to the world. But, they are also in training for the Millennium to come. The Remnant is Christians being trained up as leaders for the Lord's Kingdom. Now, incase someone might get excited about wanting to be one, they are also the people who have been going through trials and fire, not of their own making. They have, and are being prepared for Yahweh's deeper call. Some of them are seasoned (older) Intercessors. Instead of retirement, the Lord is leading them once again to His Mountain to receive His anointing. They will be renewed, and receive supernatural healing power from His kingdom. Like the Eagles they will fly. They will run and not be weary. They will walk and not faint.


 Maria M. Schaefer: Director of Freedom in Yeshua Ministries 

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