Witnessing at the Time

If you want to reach people by witnessing (who have a different religion) or a person with no religion, maybe this will help.

Years ago I did street witnessing when the opportunity presented itself. There were several instances that stand out. One is the first one I did. I went out with a person who had done it for sometime through an International ministry. I listened as she witnessed to the man who was a Muslim. He was sitting in his truck, in the parking lot we were witnessing at as a group. She had a scripted message she gave him. He received none of it, and politely told her so. When she was finished, I felt the Holy Spirit say, "He is an intelligent man (as I noticed by his responding answers) do not speak to him about anything but the love of Yahweh. He has no idea about what true love is." 

 As I took this Word seriously, I began to speak to him about the love of Christ for him. The look on his face changed visibly, and he listened intently. I also mentioned what the Holy Spirit showed me about him. Afterwards the Word of Knowledge (gift of the Holy Spirit) poured forth. I asked him if I could pray for him. He answered yes. Again, the Holy Spirit entered. The man promised me he would read the Bible I had given him. The way the Spirit moved through that whole experience was through His gifts. The Word of Knowledge, Revelation, and Love. This man was treated like the person God sees him to be in his future. With respect, kindness, and love. He was / is a marked person for Yahweh's Kingdom. John 17. I never saw him again but know that these tools given by the Spirit in witnessing brought this man the opportunity to enter eternity.  

 Another witness was when I went with a different woman to a motorcycle event that took place in my state. The two of us somehow got separated from the rest of the group while witnessing. Knowing the leader said it was important to stay together, we were trying to find the rest of the group. While walking, I noticed a man lying down on the top of a van on the other side of the street / in the non lighted street area. The Holy Spirit said, "Witness to him." I mentioned this to the other woman. She said, you mean that bum across the street?

 As I witnessed to him, and prayed for him, and he accepted Christ; afterwards, we were amazed by his story. He had come in that night from New Zealand with some friends. He had been so tired he could not go down to the Lakefront for the festival, he said.  It was a hot night, and he took his shirt of, resting on top of his friend’s old van. He was not supposed to be on top of the van at this time, he said laughing. He had come for the Festival. Only God. 

 As the woman and I walked away, she said, "That was the handsomest man I've ever seen in my life!" Yes, he was, I said laughing. Only God knew.

 Blessings, Maria Schaefer

Director of Freedom in Yeshua Ministries