I am very excited about something that just took place. A close friend of mine told me about blood work she had done that showed she had leukemia. I was visiting her area on a fishing vacation with my husband. The Lord woke me up in the middle of the night to pray for her, and I received His instructions on what she was to do. Yahweh said that if she followed the instructions He was giving she would be totally healed. For two hours I was in the Lord's presence and wrote down what He was giving me.


 We visited her for an invited dinner. I shared God's instructions with her. She ended up doing everything to the letter the Lord wanted her to do. I got a call from her this morning telling me that she is totally healed. The well know clinic she went to found no leukemia in her blood yesterday! Now what is amazing is this. This is the second time that God has done this in this way. Although I would have been willing to lay hands on her, He used His Word alone to heal her. The first time was in Athens Greece a few weeks ago. It was a young man in a wheelchair. He received healing. 


He sent His Word and healed them; He delivered them from their destruction. Psalm 107:20.


We are the microphone for the Lord's Words. We pour forth the River of Life through His instructions.  He then delivers His power. It is an honor to pour out for the Lord.



Maria Schaefer / Director of Freedom in Yeshua (Jesus) Ministries

website. www.fiyministries.com