A Cry for Help!

Moments in Time   

Hear my cry, O God; attend unto my prayer.  (Psalm 61:1)

A few weeks ago I received an email from my good friend.  Her son was rushed to the Hospital in another state.  He was badly injured and could have been killed. “It was only prayer that kept him, his mother stated,” in her email.  He would need several plastic surgeries, as well as treatment for other injuries.  He still needed prayer for the rest of his recovery.  The main concern had been brain damage.  Positive diagnoses had proceeded stating he was alright in that department.  From pictures his mother took of him in the Hospital, it was hard to even look at him.  There were so many open wounds on his face.

How quickly life can change.  One minute this young man was enjoying his favorite sport, the next he was rushed to the Hospital for surgery from an accident I’m sure he never thought would transpire.    

How many times has Father God protected us from accidents; or we have had things happen to us that others have died from?  We will never know the answer to that question until we get to heaven. Do we realize how much we are protected on a minute by minute basis by the One who loves us?  Only Jesus can help and save us from every situation.

Recent Event

There have been times in my life when I’ve been held up at an appointment, only to discover an accident had taken place right around the time I would have been there.  That unexpected phone call or office work kept me from being in the destination someone was badly injured in.

Two different events come to mind when thinking on this.  One happened some years back, the other one was more resent.  But, a third time took place several weeks ago when my son was in the Hospital from a freaky accident he had suffered.

Years Back

I was on a ramp pulling out to enter traffic.  I was just about in the middle of the intersection when a huge truck almost struck my car.  The person driving the truck ran a red light, speeding, ending up about a foot away from me.  Because of other traffic I had no way to get out of his range.  Somehow through angelic protection (I believe) I was spared an accident that surely would have taken my life.  As I saw the shocked look on the truck driver’s face from my view (his look was shock and gratitude at the same time).  I saw him very clearly, he was that close.

His truck had come to a screeching halt right before hitting me.  None of the vehicles moved after the light had changed.  Everyone sat in their cars knowing they had just missed an accident.

Another Event

I was driving home from my office on a very familiar road.  In fact, I take it everyday.   The light was green, and I was ready to pull out after looking both ways.  I sensed not to, and waited.  Suddenly from down the hill came a car speeding at 70 miles an hour (I guessed) in a 45 mile zone.  It looked like teen-agers barreling down the hill, not sighting their red light.  I have no idea if they were drinking or what, but the girl in the front seat next to the driver looked scared.  Would she or I have been badly injured if I had not listened to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit leading me?

It was only the Holy Spirit’s cautious warning, to my spirit, that stopped me from stepping on the gas and moving out into traffic.  Again, I was spared from an accident.  Maybe this is why in the scripture states, if it is your will for me to do this.  This is for us as Believers / to pray in every situation we enter.  If we are safe, it is only because of the mighty hand of Father God on our lives.  I was thankful that no one was injured in either accident.  But I also know that when I do leave planet earth, I will be running into Jesus’s arms.  That is the best life insurance for all of us.

You that hear prayer, onto you all flesh shall come.  (Psalm 65:2)

The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?  The Lord is the strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid.  (Psalm 27:1)

Prayer:  Help me Lord to know that my only security and future is in your hands.  And when I do leave planet earth, I will be safe in you Lord because of Jesus and His sacrifice for me.  The cross that brought about my salvation also brought about the power of your protection and love.  Heaven is open to me because of You.


Maria Schaefer / Director of FIY Ministries

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