Getting Rid of Self-Life Feelings


The Self Life

As I’ve mentioned before, we are spirit, soul, and body.  Our self-life functions through our mind; which includes our decisions, will, and emotions.  It is never a good thing to concentrate on self.  The following will give more detail on how our self-life works.  It has been one of the most useful truths in my life to learn these facts.

How to Get Rid of it

1.  One of the best ways to not dwell in your flesh is by not studying what your senses (in your body) are telling you to do.  An example will be if you are angry at someone.  Your natural tendency would be to follow your emotions and get even.  This act would be a function of your flesh.  Instead, let God be your defense!

Take a survey of your emotions that are attached to your feelings. 

Ask yourself throughout the day how much your emotions are leading you compared to the Holy Spirit.  (This only works if Christ is your life.  Satan always tries to distract us by other things).

2.  If you have made a mistake, move on after you have talked to God about it.

God is all wisdom, who knows what we will do before we do it. (Psalm 139).  He is aware of everything.  There is no need to beat yourself up over your mistakes.  Speak life to yourself by saying things like, “I’m glad when I repented Lord, you forgave me.  Help me through the process of changing the things that do not please you.”

Punishing yourself for your mistakes; after God has forgiven you, will hinder your prayer life.  Your prayer life is one of the most important things you can do daily.  It does not take place by trying to make yourself holy, but instead by talking with God throughout your day and recognizing His holiness.  Our holiness comes through the cross alone.  The sacrifice of Jesus’s death and resurrection brought us into His holiness.  Our job is to stay in our identity, knowing we enter holiness through intimacy with the Lord.  Time spent alone with God brings us everything we need.   Not outward, but inward acts in knowing God brings us into the knowledge of Him

3.  We need to surrender everything to God: total commitment to our Loving Heavenly Father brings us onto the road of victory!

Every time we want to change in an area, it is not up to us to make it happen.  If we have surrendered the territory to God we are desiring to achieve change in; change will take place.  What we surrender to God, is now His job to make happen.  As this change begins to take place, God will bring a separation into the soul area of our being.  He will start to replace His will with ours.  A little bit of the flesh dies each time this takes place.  Sometimes we will not recognize it until later.  It is when we realize we no longer are interested in this thing or that, that the reality of the change that has taken place enters.

There is a sensual spirit that comes in us with things that are not from God.  This spirit comes from the enemy of our soul, Satan.  It can be a lust for money, power, or sexual desire. 

4.  The more God becomes our Life, the separation of the things that draw us in the world no longer have power over us.  Our soul (mind, will, and emotions) do not have control over us instead we are being drawn to the things of God and His kingdom.  The negative areas of our soul (we recognize)  is weakened.  No longer do we desire the ideas of the past.

5.  Do not go into introspection concerning your actions.  Other than to recognize what the Holy Spirit wants to get rid of in your soul.  Analyzing yourself does not bring growth.  This act will draw you back into your soulish nature. 

Since your life is now in Christ alone, let Him be the one to do all the changes in your mind.  We are not fruit inspectors in our lives.  Wait for God to show what needs changing. 

What we give to God is no more our responsibility, but His.


Prayer:  Have your way Lord in every area of our lives that do not please you!  May we do nothing in our strength, but yours alone.  You are all wise and know exactly what we need.  Bring your power into us today, so we may live and move, and have our being in You!

Kind regards,

Maria Schaefer / Director of Freedom in Yeshua Ministries  Worship