There are Christians who wonder about what heaven will be like. I had wondered for a long time myself. That was until January 2016 when I was in prayer. I'd asked the Lord about the scripture, you are seated with me in heavily places, knowing the kingdom of God is within us. How did that work exactly, I wanted to know? Then the Lord asked me a question on how exactly I wanted to know the answer? It surprised me; I thought He would lead me to scripture. Immediately I answered, I'd like to know through visions and dreams. The next day they began. For several months I received such clear visions of heaven that I began to feel depressed. Every time the vision would end, and earth was present again, the world seemed very dark to me. For, when I saw heaven, I was my truest self and realized why I was created. It was the most visually beautiful location I have ever been in, but the best part of heaven was seeing the Lord. His love for me and everyone there can't be described by words. I could not bear to see more, for I wanted to be there more than here. I am not an unhappy or negative person, so there was no other reason to feel the way I did, other than the light of heaven never equaled any experience on earth. 

 When I hear of a Christian leaving planet earth, immediately heaven comes to mind. It has changed the way I react to death. For it is not death. It is entering a new world. It is a place of Light, Love, and Peace. A place where you understand all you were created to be is alive. It is a place every Christian belongs. No fear, no sorrow, only complete joy! If you lost a loved one, this is how they are feeling. They want you to remember this today. For there no longer is any death in Christianity, only Life!


Maria Schaefer / Director of Freedom in Yeshua (Jesus) Ministries

Website: www.fiyministries.com