What is the Exchanged Life?

A new road we travel - when we know the exchange of our life for Jesus's life!



 What is The Exchanged Life meaning?  It means that our life is surrendered to Jesus Christ.  It is a life lived not for our desire/purpose, but for His will and purpose for us in our present life on earth. 

      This life brings peace and joy; as well as furthers God’s kingdom. Because this way of living has been my life since 1996 (and as I try continually to live it), I will share it with you, my dear reader. Te Exchanged Life is something I also teach people who have come into my office for scripture counseling.   The new teachings that will go on this website will be about how to live the Life God intended us to have.

      Some previous teachings on this blog will be used, as well as new teachings / every week or two.   This way anyone interested in learning how to live life this God-centered way, will be able to have the tools they need to function in it.


An example of someone who lived the exchanged life would be a missionary named Hudson Taylor.   It would be beneficial to read his biography or look him up on the Internet.   He found out that it was too hard to live the Christian life on his own.  He had many serious problems that came his way.   After going into prayer, he came to a God-inspired solution.  He recognized that only through allowing Christ to live through him wholly and entirely, could he live life.

      My prayer for anyone reading the following teachings (that will take place in the next weeks and months) would be that they will be set free of life’s worries and learn to live and rest in Christ alone.